Lonely Road

Friday, October 8, 2010

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I remember this road.
This road brings back so many memories.
I remember counting the marks on the road as I struggled to keep my eyes open.
I remember the road markers reflecting the bright light, straight into my eyes.
I remember the giant night bugs hitting the windscreen.
I remember watching for the animals that may cause us to crash.
I remember how different this road is at night, with only the car lights shinning the way.
I remember looking at the vineyards at seeing the cars that weren't actually there.
I remember that night when we were all scared.
I remember how well they worked as a team and how proud we were to call them Mum and Dad.
I remember the relief we felt when we realised it was just a bird and the nervous laughter that followed, it was somehow off.
I remember the thrill of driving in the darkness.
I remember you.


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