Everything Ends

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

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I can write so many beginnings but hardly any endings. Even as a child I was always prone to writing very sudden endings to any written assignments for class. I don’t know why this is, I can write a perfect beginning, an action packed middle, but just no ending. I can imagine the whole story/poem/recount in my mind but I just can’t grasp the words to finish it off. Sure I can kill the characters off, but most times I just give up. I just keep writing until I can't write any more.


Shannon said...

I do that too I always have a gteat starter sentence but never a real good ending one.
MAybe its because none of us want something to end we want it to just go on and on and on.. like your favorite song(anything by Paramore) or movie (HP of course) or book(HP again!!)


mollie.mae said...

yay! Paramore! Yay! Harry Potter! I agree I think that it's because we don't want things to end and even if we do find a way to end it, it is never right. It never does justice to the rest of what you have written.

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