Sunday, November 21, 2010

My mother has quit her job.
We now have no money.
With Christmas around the corner we are hoping that we can survive.
My mother sometimes acts before she really thinks things through, did she really think that we can survive with no money? We struggle enough from pay check to pay check, what's going to happen now that we have no pay check?
She told me to get a job.
I am only 15 I can't support myself and study.
She made a mistake, one that she can't take back.
She was being selfish, with only herself in mind, she forgot about us.
I have nothing to look forward too this Christmas, a sad, hungry household getting sympathetic looks from other family members, oh the joy.

Never Loved A Man

Friday, November 19, 2010


These little mysterious creatures that draw women in, then cut out their heart and throw it on the floor. In some circumstances it isn't always the man's fault, sometimes it's the woman that pulls her heart out of her chest and willingly gives it to the man.

"I want a gentleman who treats me like a queen"

Pretty much every girl out there has this 'perfect' idea of a boyfriend or they just don't realise what a prick a guy is until it's too late. At times like this you need good friends, friends that tell you the truth no matter how much it might hurt. I think some girls are really a lost cause though. They get with a guy, he is exactly what they needed at that time. He changes, she changes, life happens, things change dramatically, but that girl is still trying to hold onto the idea of this 'perfect' guy.

"I want you to want me"

Now on the other hand, it's the boy who fucks with the girl. He pretends to be kind and nice, he puts on a fa├žade that everyone believes. He then reels a poor, oblivious girl into his clutches and makes her fall for him. This is the majority of men at my school are like. They flirt, they tease but underneath that they are horrible heart stealing creatures. These are the boys that every girl need to look for and also they need to identify the signs of these creatures.

"Since I've been loving you, I'm about to lose my worried mind"

So before you decide to fall in love with a boy, remember he might be a heart stealing creature and that yes, you can/will get your heart broken.