'Cheers to the end of an era'

Thursday, November 1, 2012

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I just finished my last High School assignment, hopefully, forever.

I was looking through my mum's big box that she stores all of our bills, reports, school work etc. in and near the top was a maths test of mine from year 8, five years ago. Good old 8H3, that brings back some memories. Losing my old friends, gaining new ones, watching the boys grow up and blossom into young men, the girls... being taken advantage of  by these young men.. I guess that's a part of growing up though right?
Well I just finished my last assignment, my last subject of high school.
History. I've decided that I am going to miss my class, the atmosphere, the students, my teacher. I hope that he will continue to mentor me in the future and I can rely on him if I need some help, he's pretty good at that. Being able to be relied upon.
We worked out when I invaded his year 11 class for a lesson to hang out that I work near his house... kinda stalkerish I think.

Anyone, I'm rambling thanks to a combination of tiredness and alcohol so I better go

Goodnight internet space that replaces my diary...


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