Monday, January 17, 2011

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Don't you hate it when people lie to you. Sure a little white lie here and there doesn't hurt but full blown liars should be shot. Today I found out that someone whom everyone thought had passed on, hadn't.
How can someone lie like that?
How can someone toy with so many peoples emotions?
Was it all a joke to you?
Was everything you spoke about a lie?
Why the fuck would you do that to these people who pretty much kissed your feet?
I know, you must be so insecure about yourself that you had to get everyone to take pity on you. You had to feed on their tears and their anguish. You really are a sorry excuse for a human being and I don't care what your reasons were, there is no forgiving an act like that. You hurt my friends, you toyed with them knowing that they were fragile. Fuck. You. Bitch.

The Ice Queen is back.


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